Clinica Digital Solution


Clinica: Patient Diagonsis Management

They will update medical details and check preview details update a prescription change patient details.

A Clinica and they check each and every minute and pre-check a issue details on the service of device.

Clinique:Patients Queue Management

Clini-Que , an Artificial Intelligence powered self learning Queue Management.

The System - capable of running on on-premise setups, as well as Public or Private Clouds.

Fevor: Fever Detector Solution

The temprature will be increased the and the detector will be used to find the body temparature.

It is automatically fever dector in our sensor due temparature and helps to reducing sources.

Scapescope Signage Solution

Adscape: Mobile cms (cloud based)

Manage your content from anywhere with our easy to use Mobile CMS.

Then the mobile content require among easy to understand in our process.

Scapescope viewer:Display Software

ScapeScope is an AI powered digital signage platform designed to provide quick access.

One click is all that is required to create an impact among your target audience.

Scopebox:Digital Signage Unit

ScopeBox-D is Team- ScapeScope’s FHD Signage Solutions Integrated Sanitizer Auto Dispenser Box.

In today’s COVID-19 Situation Awareness through Information and Cleanliness through Sanitization.