Image “Simulation of human intelligence processes like acquisition of information & application rules and using the rules to reach conclusions with self correction at core is Artificial Intelligence”
Intensifying intelligence
through innovation

Reactive Machines – Analyzes a set of actions/moves and choses the most strategic move. No Memory, cant use past experiences to inform future ones.

Limited Memory – Uses past experiences & observations to inform future decisions but not-so-distant future. These observations are not saved permanently.

Theory of Mind – The psychology of understanding that others have their own beliefs , desires and intentions that impact the decisions they make. This kind of AI is still evolving

Self-awareness – These AI systems have a sense of self and consciousness. They understand their current state and can use the info to infer what others are feeling. This kind of AI is still evolving.

Intensifying intelligence
through innovation
AI Technologies
  • Automation - Programs to automatically perform high-volume repeatable tasks adapting to changing circumstances that humans normal performed.
  • Machine Learning – Automation of Predictive Analytics. Science of getting a computer to act without programming.
    • Supervised Learning
    • Unsupervised Learning
    • Reinforcement Learning
  • Machine Vision – Science of enabling computers to see, capture and analyze visual information using a camera, analog-to-digital conversion and digital signal processing.
  • Natural Language Processing (NLP) – Processing of human language by a computer program. Includes text translation, sentiment analysis, and speech recognition.
  • Robotics – Perfom tasks that are difficult for human to perform consistently interacting in social settings. Navigation and UMV
AI Applications
  • AI in Healthcare – The big money is on machine learning to make better, faster and cheaper patient diagnosis. Program mines patient data and other data sources to create hypothesis with a confidence graded schema.
  • AI in Business – Automation of repetitive tasks , chatbots on sites and ML integrated analytics powered customer interaction platforms to serve clients better.
  • AI in Education – Automation of grading systems and enabling teachers and students with guided, intelligent teaching and learning systems.
  • AI in Finance – AI guidance on purchase & expense management for institutions and individual end users.
  • AI in Security – ML powered Intelligence in Data security at rest and intransit.
  • AI in ManLog – Automation of work in Manufacturing and Logistics platform and intelligent feedback into systems for self tune-up.