Our Brand Story _

A typical startup company gets instituted with one great idea, one grand vision and one great execution backed by tactical planning. Being divergent thinkers, we @ MConnectz decided to embrace our Client’s visions as ours keeping it simpler in doing what we do but in our own ‘way’.

So what is our Way? ‘Our Way’ is to pair up innovative technology solutions with customer business orientation, powered with knowledge through Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning and efficiency, focusing on the success of our clients keeping transformation purpose driven and never about our bottom line.

Our roots grew from this belief, and our belief is our brand - “Missing Connectz Technology Solutions” – intensifying intelligence through innovation.

Our Employees are the strength in our business and the reason for our existence. Our company believes in fielding the best developers to deliver the best products with the best technology making it easy and efficient for our customers to deliver in the varying dynamics of their business market.

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Our Leaders
CEO – Jayakumar Rajendran, is a prodigious visionary, a pragmatic pioneer & a transformative leader. With his consummate knowledge, thought-leadership and deep expertise in technology & business administration he draws the road map that directs MConnectz to be the best in class business solutions provider delivering superior results. He is the Key decision and policy maker, and his responsibilities include managing the company, formulating and ensuring flawless execution of business strategies, interacting with clients, investors and stake holders and solidifying our position in the market.
COO – Priya Chandrasekaran (Masters in Business Admn - HR) ,is a passionate leader, keen on delivering successful outcomes and superior results in every aspects of work association. With a decade’s knowledge in the IT industry combined with years of thought leadership and on-field Business Experience in Human Resources and Performance Management, she owns and heads the key portfolios of Operations, Talent supply, Utilization, People and Process management at MConnectz. An effective communicator and an efficacious collaborator aimed at executing core business strategies in concert with the top-leadership and the Senior Management.